Mishaps at Musket Cove

Sat 5 Jul 2008 22:41
pPosition;  17.46S  177.11E
We're just about to leave Fiji for Tanna in Vanuatu, a day after the rest of the fleet. the time at Musket Cove wasa real holiday, with visits from the families of ourselves and Southern Princess. Not surprisingly the two four year old boys got on famously and many tears were shed when Hunter left to fly back to Melbourne. With baby sitting at $3 50 an hour by lovely Fijian women, this is a holiday paradise for parents (and grandparents) of small children.
Not so good have been technical problems. We took Storyteller over to Vuda Point on the mainland to be hauled out and discovered that we had a major problem with our propellor. Luckily we were able to get a new one sennt up from Sydney, although it's not as good as the one that is kaput. Here's hoping it will get us to New Zealand, where we are heading due to ill health in my family.
This morning we were all set to go when John Hunt of Southern Princess called to say he couldn't leave due to a problem with his headsail  furler. Shortly after we heard a cry for help from the Princess, and John Hunt had injured his hand pretty badly. Luckily a  French doctor was able to sew him up, and we have  now all lifted our anchors. Tony Black has jumped ship to help John and Irene, leaving John, Annette, Rigel and me on board for the 2 and a half day trip. Luckily a local motor boat is going to lead us out through the reefs which are pretty treacherous in this part of the world. Rigel is a 19 year old American who has joined us for about 6 weeks and shows plenty of aptitude for doing ocean passages.