Cape York

Fri 18 Jun 2010 01:16
Position 10.54S  142.43E
After a comfortable night 2 miles up the Escape River we are now 10 miles south of Albany Passage and expect to pass around Cape York at 2.00 pm this afternoon. The champagne is on ice.
Since leaving Lizard Island the trade wind has been remarkably consistent, blowing from the southeast at 20-30 knots every day..great for the sail boats and pretty good for us too. Coming from behind us the stabilisers dampen any rolling and a consistent wind driven current gives us an extra knot of speed.
We saw our first large croc on the beach about 100 meters from our anchor position at Cape Grenville two nights ago. Harmonie saw two in the water last night.
After losing two large Spanish Mackerel while trying to gaff them, Ray landed a huge Golden Trevally on very light line from the stern of the boat. Provided beautiful eating for ourselves and Harmonie.