Day 4--the first fish

Wed 6 May 2009 04:02
Position,  26.04S  179.16E
Sue writes:
The weather is now perfect--especially for a power boat! Yesterday was the first day that it has been calm enough to fish, but with no result, Ben was beginning to worry that we might not hve a lucky boat. As 'beer o'clock' arrived at midday, it was decided to do a dummy run on how to land a mahimahi--not all that simple given that the rods are up on the fly bridge and you have to land the fish on the boarding platform far below.
As we gazed into the wake and discussed what our strategy should be, a shout went up--two mahimahi of manageable size were leaping for two of the three lures we had out.
Under instructions from our patient tutor, Ben, we put the careful plan into action, first removing the other rod and our fancy flagpole proudly flying the Cook Islands flag.Fishing from the born again Storyteller and the clean up are certainly much less stressful than on the yacht!
As Ben threw the bellies overboard, he remarked that he was returning Tasi's share to the ocean and that she would never forgive him for wasting the best part of the fish. 
So, the frozen casserole has been returned to the freezer and we look forward to many months of warm weather and  fresh fish.