Fw: Storyteller, Day 2, Doldrums

Mon 25 Feb 2008 19:56
Position 015.54N 82.58W

After near perfect sailing conditions for 6 hours after departing La Libertad the wind, as forecast, dropped down and we are now motoring over a glassy ocean. We were prepared for this but we didn't expect an adverse current of 2.5kts which is slowing our progress to 5.5kts. However, as Mike just remarked, it beats being at work! All boats in the fleet are reporting similar conditions and many are worried that they will have insufficient fuel to get to Isla San Cristobal. This morning we picked up a relayed distress call from an Italian yacht. They were out of fuel and were unable to make any progress under sail.
Tony and Mike have just brightened up after being let loose on the fish world again after we made space in the freezer with pan fried mahimahi last night and sashimi for lunch today. Hopes were high a few minutes ago when we passed a large group of dolphins herding tuna. Yesterday afternoon we passed through a pod of pilot whales and today we have dolphins...they are black, bottlenosed and larger that those we have seen previously. 
The adverse current which will probably be with us all the way to the Galapagos will add an extra day to our journey.