Fw: Storyteller Day 5, 24 hours of motoring

Thu 14 Feb 2008 18:37
Position  01.51N  79.59W
The current which had been helping us since we left Panama has now turned around and the wind of 10 kts is dead ahead. Our speed over the ground has been reduced to a little over 5kts. All the boats in our vicinity are now calculating fuel consumption to see if they can motor all the way to Salinas if necessary. We should be able to make it. At dawn this morning we sighted a small outboard powered fishing boat 80 miles off the coast. Soon after, we ran over the long line he had strung out. Fortunately it missed the prop and we were able to unhook it from the rudder.
Bruce, our weather forecaster has managed to direct us to areas where we have avoided the thunderstorms we can see on the horizon. We had some rain last night but no squalls.
 We have plenty of fresh fish, cold drinks and good books. An extra night at sea isn't all that bad!