Fw: Storyteller, day 4, 200 plus miles last 24 hours

Wed 13 Feb 2008 19:47
Position  04.30N  79.38W
With the assistance of a fast flowing southerly current we covered over 210 miles in the last 24 hours....nearly all under motor!
The sea is flat, there is high cloud and we hear from boats ahead of us that they have had 24 hours of rain. Maybe we will be lucky and get some wind.
This morning Tony and Mike reeled in an estimated 25 to 30lb mahi mahi! A magnificent fish and the biggest one I have seen. It is easy to see why there is so much sea life in this area. We go through extensive patches where the sea water is red. Cleaning the raw water filters we find that they are clogged with krill and small jelly like organisms.
One boat ahead of us reported that they had been boarded last night by Columbian customs. This would be a scary experience which I hope we can avoid. At night it would be difficult to know if they were genuine.
Still no wind but we are confident that we have enough fuel to motor all the way to Salinas if necessary.