Mon 6 Jul 2009 05:02
Position 16.26S  179.56W
We have been fortunate to be able to visit some of the most beautiful and bays and anchorages in the Caribbean and South Pacific and while I generally resist the temptation to rank them Albert Cove on the Fiji island of Rambi has to be close to the top of the list. It have everything ....crystal clear water, white sandy beach, fringing palms and deep green vegetation on jagged inland peaks, very good snorkelling and spectacular coral. Three generations of four families live on the shore and after presenting kava to the head man we were officially welcomed and invited to use the beach and the bay. With enough good books and plenty of beer and wine we could easily spend a couple of weeks here. However, Grant and Sue who have been with us for the last week fly from Savusavu to Nadi on Thursday to attend an Indian wedding so we'll leave here tomorrow morning.
 We made the 80 mile trip  from Savusavu, stopping off at two anchorages on the way. Navigation through the extensive coral reefs has been challenging.  Surfing into a 70 metre wide dog-legged channel with large following seas breaking on the coral either side is exciting Surprisingly, we are finding that the Navionic charts we are using on our plotter are accurate to about 5 metres. In one bay on the way here the anchor had barely touched the bottom when the local chief appeared in a smart looking fibreglass dinghy with a new outboard..a present from the Chinese who have established a small fish farm in the bay We invited him on board for tea and biscuits and the kava presentation. Formal permission was then given for us to visit the village and fish in the bay. During the ceremony the generator shut down when a huge jellyfish was sucked into the raw water intake. We then realised that the bay was full of these blue and brown monsters. This charming old man had excellent English and keen to talk about his village and their traditional way of life. He has seven children and takes the bus to Savusavu each week so he can go to an interenet cafe and use skipe to speak to one of his sons who is a fireman in Los Angeles.
Next weekend we will start working our way SW through the islands toward Musket Cove where we will meet up with Paddy, Sally, Sid and Quincy and Marg and Rob Bucket.
Cheers,  John