Tongan Feast

Sun 10 May 2009 05:32
Position,  23.37S   178.55W
Ben, our Tongan Ambassador hailed a  fishing dinghy from one of the nearby trawlers and traded a bottle of rum and two packets of chocolate biscuits for seven lobsters and a large fish! They were thrilled with the deal. Don and Anne had invited the crew from Lady K and the three of us for drinks but we arrived with five large lobsters and a salad. It was more of a party than they had planned.
The wind blue 15 to 20kts most of yesterday and at high tide early this morning the swell made conditions inside the reef uncomfortable so we motored up to North Minerva which is a perfect atol with a narrow but easy entrance. It is flat calm at present but Bruce has forecast some rain squalls and we can see a line of them out to the west so maybe we'll get a washdown