Day 3 at Minerva

Sat 9 May 2009 00:36
Position,  23.55S  179.06W
Since we arrived at South Minerva Reef we've been joined by at least 11 yachts in addition to the two Tongan fishing trawlers that are hear to catch lobster while there is a full moon. As their small boat zoomed past us yesterday we had Ben who we've appointed ambassador for Tongan affairs primed to offer a boottle of rum for a few lobster, but unfortunately they didn't stop. Maybe today if we are lucky.
We had our first dinner party on board last nighr and even pulled out the real glass glasses so that Don from Harmonie could fix us some decent American style cocktails. He refused to use my year old large bottle of tonic from Panama which was lucky. Fizzy drinks in large plastic bottles are a dead loss, and even cans of beer go off quite quickly. Our lazarette, the big storage area below the aft deck, currently smells like a brewery due to a couple of cans bursting in a rough sea.
We woke to a pretty bouncy sea in the lagoon this morning--fairly strong wind from the west as forecast by Bruce accompanied by a full tide spilling over the reef. As last nights dishes started to tumble over I ejected from bed at 6 am which turned out to be a wise decision as lying in a bouncing bed will guarantee a headache and queasy stomach.