Storyteller at Galapogos

Mon 3 Mar 2008 21:13
Position 00.44S  90.18W
A quick note to apologise for my senior moment where the position error in my diary entry put us somewhere off the coast of Honduras.
We had very little wind for the forty mile trip across from San Cristobal to San Salvador where we are now anchored with about 70 yachts. The Blue Water Rally is another round the world rally and an unfortunate bit of planning put them here at the same time as us. They have been here for a week or so and are starting to leave now for the long haul across to the Marquesas The unusually large number of boats has put great pressure on the limited amount of stores that are available here.  Beer in cans is unobtainable and we don't have space for bottles!
Sue, Tony, Mike and I are off tomorrow for a four day trip to some of the other islands where we hope to see lots of the local wild life. We'll report later in the week.