Fw: Storyteller, Day 6, Faster now

Mon 28 Jan 2008 18:06
Position 11.33N  75.13W
After another beautiful moonlit night with enough wind to keep us moving comfortably, dawn brought up to 30 kts of wind and we have been tramping along at 8 to 9kts since then. Bruce tells us that this will continue untill we get to Panama. We are currently about 35 miles off the coast of Columbia and we will be happy to stay that far away as there have been numerous reports of piracy in the area. This morning there were 8 dead flying fish on the deck..
We have now established a daily routine: breakfast at 8, then 2 small cans of beer at 12 . Sometimes a bottle of white with lunch at about 1.30. Last night we had mojitos at 6.00 followed by a poetry reading by each of  us. Last night I did "The Man from Ironbark" Then it is dinner with a glass of red. Are we having a good time? Yes!