Fw: Storyteller, Day

Mon 17 Mar 2008 22:41
Position 08.06S  112.50W

We have good days and occasionally, not so good days -- like today. Lavatory blockages are common on boats. Sometimes they are easy to deal with and sometimes not. Today's was not.Five hours later Sue and I are recovering from the experience--we won't spoil your next meal by going into detail.
Last night we were all set up for our reliable trade wind blowing out of the South East. Much to our surprise, the wind direction went to due East which pushed us about 30 miles off our course. However, we still have a long way to go so it doesn't matter too much.
Bruce, our friendly weather forecaster is also our best source of news. Last night he gave us a briefing on the Bear Stern banking problem in the US and so of the flow on effects. Interesting to speculate what the A$ might be worth by the time we get to the Marquesas in about ten days.He also told us about the discovery of the wreck of HMAS Sydney.
St Patrick's Day has been a big event for many of the yachts in the fleet--there seem to be more Irish crew than even Aussies and Kiwis. They've all had a great day with Guinness and Irish stew and Irish quizzes to which we knew almost none of the answers. Tony continues to triumph in the bread baking department, and now with the freezer working again, will be allowed to resume fishing tomorrow. We had a great tuna curry last night from the Australian Women's Weekly Curry Book. Tonight it's Pat Knoxes special eggplant dish with three sauces which will no doubt keep Rosemary and Sue busy until the cocktail hour. We still have plenty of fresh vegetables including an enormous pumpkin bought by Mike in a somewhat hungover state.We're planning hot cross buns for Friday, now that we're such accomplished yeast bakers.