Fw: Storyteller, day 5, The Equator

Fri 15 Feb 2008 18:50
Position  00.22S  80.54W

It was a pretty dismal night. First, I was hit on the head by a flying fish as we sat in the cockpit eating our delicious tuna steaks on garlic mash, then we motored through torrential rain as we listened to other boats describe encounters with fishing nets. However, at 8.15 this morning we crossed the Equator and celebrated with champagne, French of course. From my very limited repertoire I did breakfast of fresh mangoes followed by baked bean jaffles with a fried egg on top.
The skies have now cleared and we are motoring south through sparkling blue seas.  Given that we are on the Equator, the temperature is surprisingly pleasant. The current which had been against us all night is now helping and we should get to Las Salinas  in Ecuador at about 8 am tomorrow morning.
A few minutes ago Tony lost another lure. The strike broke the 200lb line instantly.