Onward across Arnem Land

Thu 24 Jun 2010 23:45
Position  11.30S  136.08
After 3 days at anchorages in the islands we are now on our way across the top of Arnem Land, heading for Port Essington on the Coburg Peninsula.The wind is moderate, the sun is shining and life is good.
We had read about a passage through the Wessel islands known as the Hole in the Wall. So called because it is 2 miles long and only 60 meters wide. It must be frightening experience to go through at flood tide when the water rushes through at 10 kts We did it at slack water. The 15 meter high limestone walls have been daubed with the names of Australian warships that passed through over the years.
Ray's fishing urge was satisfied when we trolled through a frenzy of feeding tuna and managed the hook and land a nice northern blue fin.
Apart from Customs and the Navy the only other motor boat we have seen since leaving Cape York was anchored next to us last night. "Superr" (a place where you put your money) is a small  Nordhaven from Sydney doing a circumnavigation of Australia.