Fw: Storyteller, Day 4

Sat 15 Mar 2008 14:36

Position 06.24S  99.40SW

We've now covered 610 miles and only 2353 naautical miles (5200 km) to go!  However, the good news is that we seem to have found the trade winds and we are sailing comfortably in smooth seas at 7+kts with our Parasailor spinnaker up. There are still a few rain squalls around, which we are watching closely. Sue writes: We caught another nice tuna yesterday only to find that our new freezer pump was Kaput. However Jim and John came up with an ingenious solution which involved cannabalising a bilge pump and rerouting it to cool the freezer.Meanwhile the menu each day is determined by what is defrosting or about to go off. Makes menu planning very simple, really.Meanwhile everyone is in good spirits now the trade winds have come in, the Parasailor is working, and the freezer is back in business. We have a morning radio talk with several other boats, which, because of the number of kiwis around has been dubbed the 1Zb Women's Hour (it's mainly men talking about fuel (lack of) and fish (apart from us, lack of). I'm making extremely good progress on the cds of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, for which you need night watches on a long sea voyage (mine is midnight to 3am, and the time races by)