Fw: Day 4

Sat 26 Jan 2008 18:52
Position 14.07N  70.04W
Early this morning I overheard a faint and distant conversation between an aircraft and a surface vessel. Speaking to John Hunt later in the morning he told us that he is operating under coast guard direction in a search for a missing, non ARC yacht. I will send more info on that when we hear anything. He is currently about 50 miles ahead of us.
Sailing conditions during the night were varied with some rain, a frustrating period of calm which we motored through, then beautiful moonlight with an 18kt breeze and smooth sea - glorious sailing conditions!
Tony's tuna was, and still is delicious. Last night we had sashimi followed by tuna steak pan fried in Olive oil with garlic and oregano...the Terry Moran way. For lunch today it will be poisson cru, and we still have enough tuna left for two more meals.
Bruce's forecasts are suggesting we should have good sailing conditions all the way to Panama.