Fw: Storyteller, Day 13

Sat 22 Mar 2008 21:31
Position 09.44S  127.51W

A frustrating night when for the first time in more than a week the wind strength dropped below 12kts. However, by mid morning it was back again speeding us on track toward Hiva Oha. Only 660 miles to go now and we expect to be there on Wednesday morning.
Mike and Tony had become despondent about lack of fishing success until mid afternoon yesterday the hooked a marlin! They estimate 5ft long without the bill. Landing a marlin is difficult and landing a marlin on a boat that is travelling through the water at 8kts is near impossible. So the inevitable happened and after about 30 minutes the marlin took the lure and most of the line.
Jim has caught the poetry bug and penned the following:
Polled out gennies, or so say the sages
Can be left up for ages and ages
Though the sea may be sloppy, and sails can be stroppy
its calming 'gainst natures worst rages.
To windward lies chaos, confusion
Occasional bruise and contusion
and water on deck, down the hatch, oh heck
Man is right to continue refusin.
Life's challenges on sea and the ocean,
Are principally caused by the motion,
But toilets that block, buggered pumps that can shock,
Make a claim on creative solution.
The watches designed for time sharing
Inevitably must have a bearing
On what time to rest, and a time to be pissed,
As the night needs intelligent sharing.
So as we approach the trip's closing stages
And we storm downwind for Marquesas
Think hard of the yachties dressed rough,in their grotties,
Behind us, and be thankful be'jasus.