America's Cup is over

Wed 4 Jul 2007 12:32
Poor Kiwis! They came close with a one -second loss in the final race. The defenders probably had just a tiny speed advantage which gave them more tactical options. The finsh had everyone's hearts in their mouths, and the radio commentators,who were excellent, were emitting expressions not normally heard on the air, such as 'Jesus Christ', and even, 'Shit!' The drama of the finish almost compensated for the disappointment of the loss, but not quite. Now all attention is focused on the Alinghi owner, Bertorelli, who has promised to announce when and where the 33rd Americas Cup will be held. The rumour is is Spain in two years time. We really hope it's Valencia which has done a fantastic job. The only down side has been the petty theft, and we have met many people who have had wallets stolen on the bus or in the shops within the Cup compound, despite a huge police presence. The local people have been really welcoming and we've got to know the nearby suburb quite well. There is a splendid market in the city, one of the best in Europe, so with the tapas bars and meals on board we eat like kings. It has been great fun having friends on board, and we've met lovely people on our dock--Brits, Swiss, Americans and Spanish. We've been surrounded by Alinghi supporters, but they've all been very pleasant. So now it's off with the kiwi tattoos that have adorned our arms, and into the bin with the special NZ waving batons.
Sue's niece Sophie and boyfriend Josh left us early this morning, heading  to Tosa del Mare, a delightful little coastal town just North of Barcelona, where they will be camping with friends. I remember going there 40 years ago and loving it. It is pleasing to hear that in a country where so many beach resorts has been ruined by overdevelopment this one has not.
Sally's parents, Wendy and Don McCrae, join us tomorrow and after a couple of days to let them see the splendours of Valencia we'll head across to Ibizza and back to Mallorca where I am hoping to have some work done on the boat.