Day 2, bye bye French Polynesia

Sun 25 May 2008 00:09
Position:  15.03S  154.54W

Our headsail furler parts turned up Wednesday evening even though DHL said they were lost. Leaving Bora Bora three days after the official departure was no hardship as it gave Sue's leg time to heal and the weather forecast was better than three days earlier. luckily the supply ship had come in so we were able to stock up on pineapples, papaya and spring onions, thing we hadn't previously been able to get on Bora Bora. Since leaving, we have enjoyed warm sunny weather with 12 kts of breeze. The problem is that it is coming from directly behind us! If this continues we will have to motor all the way to Suwarrow which is still 500 miles away. However, we have plenty of fuel and with surplus power the ice maker is working brilliantly.
Suwarrow has to be one of the most isolated places on earth. It is a coral atoll 200 miles from the nearest inhabited island. The is a caretaker who stays for six months of the year. We are all reading "An Island to One's Self" by New Zealander, Tom Neal who lived alone there for six years. We expect to arrive there at midday on Tuesday.