Storyteller V, Day 2

Mon 4 May 2009 02:46
Position,  32.11S   175.54E
All's well on board. After a rolly start caused by three meter swells left over from the low pressure system that swept over the North Island on Saturday, we are now following our " at sea routine" of a beer or two before lunch.The queasy stomachs have settled as the sea has calmed and we are romping along at 8kts.Ben has two lines out and is hoping for a marlin. Sue and I will be satisfied with a small tuna or mahi mahi.
For us conditions are near ideal with 10 kts of wind right behind us. We have one American catamaran a few miles behind but the smaller yachts are well behind and would not be happy with these conditions.Bruce, our ever reliable weather forecaster is promising calm conditions at least until Thursday. There was some excitement this morning when we heard an aeroplane searching nearby for a yacht that had activated an emergency beacon. We heard later that a small yacht heading for NZ had a seriously sick crew member and had run out of water. Another yacht heading for NZ was diverted and has taken the sick crew on board.
Ben sends best wishes to family and friends.
More tomorrow, John