Arrival in Tahiti/Moorea

Wed 24 Jun 2015 11:00
17:34.3S 149:52.1W
Moorea, 24 June 2015
Our passage from Toau started with a gentle breeze. This died and when it came back to life, it was a bit stronger and from the wrong direction so we had a somewhat bumpy and uncomfortable spell which thankfully died away again and left us motoring for the last 12 hours.
Dawn broke with the islands coming into view and becoming more spectacular as we approached.  We headed past Papeete and on to the South and then East coast of Moorea before tackling the Passe Matauvau into the lagoon of Haapiti village. This pass is billed as dangerous in a south westerly swell.  We didn’t have that, quite, but it was running from the South which was a bit of a worry. In the event, there was no need to worry – it was calm in the pass although the breakers on the reefs on each side were impressive.  In fact, this break is quite a draw for the surfers so B was taking a keen interest as we went by.  Once inside, we found a good spot to anchor and admired the setting sun over the lagoon and the glorious backdrop of green mountains.
Approaching the pass
Surf at the pass