Gentle Start

Mon 19 Jan 2015 14:45
14:29.1N 061:11.0W
1200 UTC 19/1/2015
We crossed the start line in Martinique shortly after 1200 local time. Sun shining, gentle breeze from the East and calm seas. Spinnaker up!  And so we continued through the afternoon. Everyone on board excited and relieved to be on our way after the non-stop preparations that seem to have gone on for weeks.
There are six other boats in our rally setting off from Martinique and we have become acquainted with their crews after a series of on-shore briefings and social activities.  But now they have all disappeared across the horizon and we won’t see them again until we get to San Blas.
We quickly settled into our watch system but before long the wind had dropped and so we had to lower the sails and continue under a gently flapping genoa through the late afternoon and night.  We may be going slowly but this is a welcome way in which to start our journey and settle into the routine on board.  We can also get some needed rest.
This morning, more of the same.  Spinnaker up again.  And as an added bonus, we have just been visited by a small pod of dolphin.  A good omen.
For more info, and even a photo of our start, you can visit and follow the Blue Planet blog.  These should also be a means to follow our track.