Sat 3 Mar 2012 16:00
17:12.006N 062:36.805W
1700 LT Saturday, 3 March
Friday, 2 March
We have a lazy morning in our anchorage and then motor around the point to the next bay – Shitten Bay – which is reported to have good snorkelling. Indeed it does.  We pick up a buoy used by the tripper boats and enjoy a very sheltered spot right next to delightful sight with plenty of coral and lots of fish.  Water is warm and clear. Later we return to Ballast Bay to our old anchorage for the night.
Saturday, 3 March
We go back to Shitten Bay and the neighbouring Bugs Hole for more snorkelling.  This time we get chucked off the moorings by the tripper boats but find alternatives until we have snorkelled over every inch of the bay.  In the afternoon we make the short journey to Nevis under motor and drop anchor in the NW of the island in Oualie Beach, reputed to be the calmest spot on the island.  Here we (Anne & Roddy) are on the way across with Nevis in the background.
On arrival we hook up with local sport fisherman Chilli who was just mooring his boat, the Sea Venture, next to us.  He comes aboard and then spends an hour giving us fishing advice, fixing up our lures and generally entertaining us with tales of his fishin’ prowess.  For $20 he promises to deliver 5 lbs of ballyhoo fish bait which will guarantee us a hit from a big fish on our way to Montserrat (do we really want a big fish, we wonder?  What to do with a 150 lb yellowfin?).  Finally he leaves.  During dinner the wind picks up and comes at us in violent gusts followed by a lull.  LS is swinging and twisting all over the place.  After dinner, we set a second anchor for security but the wind/gusts carry on with a maximum of 39 kts recorded by the morning.  We all had a very disturbed night but our anchors remained well in and we never had a coming together with another boat, so that’s good.  So much for the calmest spot on the island.