Arrival in Fatu Hiva

Fri 3 Apr 2015 20:00
10:27.9S 138:40.1W
3 April 2015. 2100 UTC
For our final approach, we had to motor sail for 24 hours in order to maintain speed and ensure a landfall in daylight.  We were counting down the hours, one by one, as the distance to waypoint clicked slowly down towards zero.  In the early morning Good Friday, we sighted land – and what a sight it was.
m_DSC01740 m_DSC01745 m_DSC01751 
As we approached the island, we could see the jagged ridge with impossible, knife edge peaks, and deep ravines running down to sheer cliffs.
Then we rounded the southern end of the island and turned towards the bay of Hanavave.  Our excitement mounted as we passed more fantastical scenery until the bay hove into sight and soon we had our anchor down. We looked at each other and thought “We made it!  We’ve arrived in the Marquesas.”
 m_DSC01756  m_DSC01764 m_DSC01765 
And what a place in which to arrive.  Jaw dropping in its majesty.  Exotic and alien in appearance.  Polynesia!