movie nite! Double feature!

Wed 1 Feb 2012 15:45
17:58.5N 037:49.8W
1200 UT Wed, 1 Feb
Some of you have asked what secret short we were showing at Movie Nite.  Du- dun-da-da – “Bungles and Lucy on the Flying Trapeze” !
We all settled down on a beautiful sunny evening with our movie snacks
to watch a video of Bungles and Lucy on the flying trapeze.  Bungles’ Dad, Barney and his partner Merril, had kindly given them a trip to trapeze school and as people who are familiar with Lulus determination and Bungles’ strength and balance, [read ace surfer!] will understand that these were no ordinary trapeze novices!  First we have Lulu up high, high on the stand with the trapeze in her hands, she takes off, swings, flips over and hangs by her knees!!  Next she is back up there taking off with a big push and lets go – flies through the air and is caught by the instructor on another trapeze!!  Gasps from the audience.
Next follows Bungles who performs the knee swing and then a summersault with ease!!  The audience applauds!
We then sat down to the main feature – Priscilla Queen of the Desert – which had us tapping out toes and splitting our sides in no time.  We were happily munching our Coronation Chicken and Veggie Rice Salad followed by fruit salad and shortbread until..................
m_P1010316     m_P1010321
the AIS alarm went off and a freighter was  a mile in front of us, it’s silhouette against a beautiful sunset!
Bye for now from all on Lovesail – enjoying a lovely following breeze, following current and following swell.