Nevis 2

Tue 6 Mar 2012 16:13
17:10.03N 062:37.77W
1600 LT Sunday 4 March
Elizabeth serves up bacon and eggs for brekky to strengthen us after disturbed night.  Roddy and Mark then struggle with getting the anchors up.  A bit of a mission since we had been spinning around during the night but with a bit of planning and plenty of umph provided by Roddy, we were free to move from this “calm” spot.  We just go south around the corner and anchor off Pinney’s Beach in shallow calm water and good shelter provided by the mountain to the east.  It’s very unspoiled here, just sand, the occasional shack and the odd settlement set back from the shore.  There are a couple of resort hotels, but some appear either closed, unfinished construction or doing slow trade.  Charlestown is in sight a mile or two further down the coast with a number of yachts on laid mooring outside.  There is no harbour here; it’s just a couple of jetties, so the laid moorings are a real benefit to yotties, although we prefer to be on our own at anchor (most of the time).  After lunch we catch up on the sleep we missed the night before.