Arrival in Midelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands

Fri 20 Jan 2012 13:48
16:53.2N 024:59.5W
1100 UT Thurs, 19 Jan
Tied up on pontoon of the marina.  Cracked open the stubbies.  Everyone pleased to be here, even though it comes as an unplanned stopover.  It’s Friday as I write this and the wind arrived yesterday as forecast bringing with us a nice supply of saharan dust. The local name for this is the harmattan.  We can’t judge the swell since we are well protected in the harbour but we plan to stay until Monday to let it all pass.  Yottie facilities much better than expected.  The marina has a number of new pontoons and shore facilities that were never mentioned in our pilot book.  Also the town has supermarket, fish and produce markets, and more so we can top up provisions before continuing our voyage. We’re getting the jobs behind us today (laundry, etc.) so that we can enjoy our stay and take a look around.