Flat as a Pancake !

Sun 29 Jan 2012 15:03
17:23.3N 030:47.3W
1200 UT Sun, 29 Jan
Our 4 year old grandson, Finlay, asks:  “What happens on Lovesail when the sea is as flat as a pancake?”
Well today the sea is as flat as a pancake and the sun has come out for the first time!  So, Finlay, here is your answer:
Bungles has a shave on the trampoline
Lulu looks for clouds and wind
We dry out the lines
We stock up on energy
m_P1010306  m_P1010307
Michael checks the stores
We do the laundry
m_P1010308  m_P1010311
We stop the boat and the Famous Five go for a swim
m_P1010295  m_P1010297
We have a delicious lunch of Cabo Verde produce:  goat’s cheese, quince jelly, baked aubergine, smoked turkey
m_P1010309  m_P1010310
Skip and Bungles top up with diesel
Mrs Skip paints her toenails
AND tonight is Movie Nite!  We have a Double Bill !  A surprise short will be shown before the main feature.  More about that tomorrow.......