I caught a fish!

Tue 31 Mar 2015 00:15
09:11S 129:35W
Yesterday, I was on the 10am – 2pm watch and had put on the little red and white squid lure which had snared the mahi-mahi last week, before it broke loose when the hook snapped.  The strategy was to try and catch a mahi-mahi as we already had a fridge full of delicious tuna.  [We are getting through it fast – more about that later]
Zing went the line and I had a battle on my hands.  The fish took all our line right down to the backing, on top of which the wind was blowing nicely and even after we had furled the jib and centred the main we were moving along at quite a pace.
Finally Liz landed another wonderful 10kg skipjack tuna!  These are the tuna that you find in cans at the supermarket and it really is a delicious fish.  Mild tasting , juicy and firm. 
We have a new way of dispatching the fish which they seem to find very peaceful – we pour our best Caribbean rum into the gills!  Then our resident marine biologist, Lulu, set about filleting the fish with forensic precision after which the vacpack was wirring!  Fish remains perfectly fresh for 3 weeks when vacpacked and so we may be having lots of friends on board when we reach the islands to share a fish-fry.
m_lucy fillet
Here are some of the ways that we have been enjoying our catch so far:
Tuna Seared with sesame seeds
Tuna salad with rice and veggies
Tuna cakes with carrot salad
Tuna steaks cooked with Jamaican Jerk spices and rosti potatoes
Salad Nicoise
Tuna Pate with home made bread
We have now put the fishing rod to bed until we finish our existing supplies.....
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