Refuel at Sea

Sat 21 Feb 2015 15:34
02:14.9N 083:09.2W
21 Feb 2015
No wind, motor on. But calm and fine.  We took advantage of the calm weather to transfer some fuel from jerry cans to the tanks. Since the filler caps are located down the aft steps outside the guard rails, this can be hazardous in anything but fine conditions.  We remove the cap and insert a filler pipe, then return to the deck level to pour fuel down the funnel.  We put about 40 litres into each tank which is not bad considering that we had to motor all the way through the canal and for several nights since then, plus now during the day.  We have plenty of fuel on board so  that we could motor the rest of the way to the  Galapagos if we had to.  There is certainly some light winds in prospect, but then I hope we’ll see some breeze filling in from the South, giving us a nice sail for the last couple of days to San Cristobal.  Our current ETA is Wednesday, 25 Feb, but we might make it a day earlier if we can catch some wind and speed up a bit.