Arrival in Anguilla

Sat 11 Feb 2012 14:07
18:12.076N 063:05.557W
1407 UT Saturday, 11 Feb 2012
Yes, we arrived.  Sorry about the late report but we ran into internet problems in the last 24 hours.  Our final night at sea started OK but then became cloudy and rainy, accompanied by squalls.  The morning was similar with thick cloud everywhere, rather reminiscent of the English Channel.  Visibility was poor so the lookouts were having a hard time to spot land ahead but Bungles was the first to see St. Martin at 1050 UT.  An hour later we were at our waypoint a couple of miles off the eastern end of Anguilla and were joined shortly afterwards by a group of dolphins which played with us and the waves for about half an hour.  A lovely welcome! Lucy served up a surprise breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes!  Where had she been hiding that all this time? Then at 1407 UT (1007 Local Time) the anchor went down to a sandy bottom through clear water.  We had arrived!  All safe and sound.
A round of beers on board, then rum punches ashore and a hearty lunch (thank you Pinney’s).   After lunch Lucy and Bungles left us to continue there adventure ashore, leaving the three of us to enjoy a siesta and then lobster dinner ashore (thank you Michael).  Then a peaceful sleep at a quiet anchorage.  Quite a novelty!