Breeze is back again

Tue 31 Jan 2012 15:35
17:50.2N 035:32.4W
1200 UT Tue, 31 Jan
Engines went off at 4pm boat time yesterday and we were able to sail again.  Hurrah!  Breeze started gently but then built a bit.  The night watch went on with full main and genoa and soon we were barrelling along at over 8kts.  This made it pretty noisy for the off-watch who were trying to sleep.  At midnight we dropped the main and continued more sedately for the rest of the night.
Today is mostly sunny with breeze at about 20kts (Force 5) and we are making good progress under genoa alone.  Crew rather tired after the disturbed night but otherwise OK.  We “caught” two flying fish and Michael fried them up for lunch.  Dinner is to be the last of the dorade in a fish pie prepared by E yesterday.  Looking forward to that.
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