Pointe a Pitre, Bas du Fort Marina

Fri 23 Mar 2012 14:00
16:13N 061:31W
Friday, 23 March  0900 LT
Wednesday, 21 March.  Sadly, we leave Petites Terres.  We pilot out of the anchorage without incident and set the jib for a slow sail back to Guadeloupe.  In the distance we spot some whales but then they disappear.  At lunch time we head into the Club Med bay at St. Anne that features in postcards.  After Petites Terres, I’m afraid we are not impressed.  We anchor but decide not to stay and set off again.  Now we are heading into the sun and dodging fishing buoys – all except one which gets around our rudder.  We clear it OK and continue.  More whales in the distance.  This time we can make out their displays of fluke slapping and fin slapping – they must be humpbacks.  We make our way to the anchorage at Ilet de Gosier.  This lies off the town on the north and a small island on the SE which has pretty beach, palm trees and a lighthouse, all protected by reefs (see photo).  It’s popular and we are one among many yachts. We stay two nights, taking the time to clean LS and put her to bed, knowing that we shall be leaving her for three weeks in the marina.  The local swimming club members come splashing past us every morning and evening on their way to and from the island.
Friday, 23 March 0900 LT  All tied up in the marina. Fill up with fuel and gas. More shopping and tidying then pack and change for our trip to London via Orly.  1800 LT the taxi fails to arrive!  but we get to the airport OK. 
See you next month.