Fishy Tales Part 1

Sat 28 Jan 2012 17:46
17:21.6N 028:42.9W
1200 UT Sat, 28 Jan
Despite best efforts, our attempts to catch any fish on the way down to Cape Verdes, were thwarted by the ferocious intellect of all the fish involved.  In an attempt at positive visualisation, we moved up to the big lures but were only rewarded by a teeny weeny flying gurnard (actually smaller that the lure itself), that selflessly threw itself onto the boat in pity.
m_P1010193  m_P1010196  m_P1010211
However, the tides have changed!  Upon departing Cabo Verdes our first line in the water landed a lovely dorade (aka dorado, dolphin fish, mahi mahi) which fed all aboard for lunch the following day.  This bodes well, perhaps we have passed our rite of passage with the local fauna and are now on an equal-ish standing.
Just to keep us on our toes, and to remind us that fishing is hunting, and fish are smart and wiley, we hooked a bigun last night, but it quickly shook itself loose, along with 200m of test and one of our favourite lures.  Fish 1:Lovesail 1.
Buoyed by the combat of yesterday, Dad and I set the line at dawn again today.  Dawn fishing – always a lovely experience.  Just was we were tucking into cornflakes and watching the sun rise, we heard my favourite sound in the world – ziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg!!!  Everyone got to their places – Dad on cons, Michael on gaff, Lulu on the rod, Mum preparing bucket and gloves.  Had a bit of a fight on our hands, stripping line, then taking it in a little, this fish was clever and was up for a fight.  Inch by inch, foot by foot, it got closer and closer.
m_P1010273  m_P1010277
Michael got into position and ready to haul it over the side, we saw the rainbow glint of a dorade, the lighting flash of yellow and cobalt – such a stunning creature.  Today he kindly gave himself to us and we felt very blessed to have him on board with us.  Thank you Mr Dorado.  Good work Team Lovesail.
m_P1010281  m_P1010284
An hour of filleting later – plenty of fish for the next couple of days.  Sushi lunch mmmmmmmmmm.
Ps  Thank you Mikey for your fabulous filleting knife and thank you Richard for your fishing tip – yellow squid lure = dorade!