Tue 7 Feb 2012 19:01
18:28.9N 052:08.4W
1200 UT Tuesday, 7 Feb
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alastair from all on Lovesail!!
we are nearing the sargasso sea, marked by the increase in sargasso seaweed accompanying the waves.  a rather vivid shade of yellowy green its curly tendrils wrap together in clumps, held afloat by little bladders of air.  in an otherwise rather homogenous surface environment it creates an oasis and often harbours mini ecosystems drifting across the sea, its inhabitants permanent, or temporary – catching a ride to their destination. fish, molluscs, arthropods.
m_P1010483  m_P1010484
a favourite local in the weedy neighbourhood is the sargasso fish.  this funny little creature’s permanency amongst the weed has altered its fins making them more into appendages that it can use to crawl amongst the raft of seaweed.  perfectly camouflaged against its verdant backdrop, it lies in wait for a little fish, stalks up behind it and then gulps it down.  for such a pretty little fish it can be rather ruthless.
without internet, that is all i remember from when my friend chris flook first showed me one and told me about them in bermuda 10 years ago. 
[What about the eels? Ed.]
Note from the Editor:  It’s a slow news day when one resorts to publishing stories about bits of weed!  Truth is, there’s not a lot to look at out there.  No ships or yachts.  No land.  Clouds are nice.  And lots and lots of water.  And we look at those by sunlight and moonlight.  It’s been very bright at night and tonight is the full moon.  The light is good but it spoils the view of the stars.  Bungles saw dolphin last night, gambolling beside us in the moonlight.  The rest of us were not so lucky.