Ios to Milos

Thu 12 May 2011 16:57
36:43.44N 024:26.61E
10 May: Storm bound in Ios, but forecast is favourable for the next day, just!  However, kindly soul on neighbouring yacht, Darren (Daz) from Crystal Stream, ex-Fowey, was diving over his anchor and spotted that ours was fouled on the harbour chain lying across the port.  He volunteered to help us clear it, while dodging the harbour police who disapprove of swimming in the port, unless they are local professional divers.  So later in the day Daz fixes a trip line to our anchor and we then slip our moorings and successfully raise the anchor.  Hurrah!  Anchor for the night in neighbouring bay, near our old friends from Astipalia the dutch couple and their children.
11 May: Initial early start abandoned due to forecast of N6, locally 7.  Later, at about 0930, we check the forecast again and declare it a âGoâ.   Lively crossing to Milos (50nm) in 5/6, mostly 6, averaging 7.5 kts.  Everyone happy to arrive and tie up at peaceful quay 100m away from the other yachts.
12 May: Storm bound in Milos and sad day as Tweds depart to continue their island hopping under their own steam.  Bye-bye Tweds, we loved having you aboard.  Itâs now a calm evening and we are planning an early start tomorrow for the momentous crossing to Cape Malea (70nm).