Safe Arrival in Galapagos

Tue 24 Feb 2015 01:43
00:53.8S 089:36.8W
24 Feb 2015
After slowing down in the night in order to arrive in daylight, we anchored at Baquerizo Moreno in the island of San Cristobal at around 1000 local time and joined the other rally boats that had either come in already or which arrived later in the day.  Another long passage safely completed.
We then had to undergo the extensive procedure to clear in but fortunately we had been well briefed and were fully prepared so it all went smoothly.  2 divers inspected the hull to make sure that we had no unwanted crabs, barnacles etc and 8 officials came aboard and inspected the interior.  Lovesail passed with flying colours with the exception of an offending Panamanian mango that was confiscated!
Then we were free to go ashore and meet the locals – Sea Lions on park benches and on Lovesail!
m_DSC01083   m_DSC01089
Marine and Land Iguanas, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, Blue Footed Boobies, displaying Frigate Birds, Galapagos pelican, Yellow Warblers, Lava Lizards,  Lava Heron and Great Blue Heron,  and all this on our first day here!
m_DSC01132  m_DSC01125  m_DSC01087   m_DSC01113   m_DSC01111          m_DSC01085m_DSC01109 
We have nearly a week here before moving to Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz where we also stopover for a while.  In the meantime we shall be out and about making the most of our time in this amazing place.  Tomorrow we are climbing a volcano in the hope of seeing Giant Tortoises in the wild......