Sailing Again

Sun 17 May 2015 18:30
10:42.0S 140:48.2W
1200 UTC Sunday, 17 May
I know it’s been a long time since we arrived in the Marquesas, nearly 6 weeks in fact, and we haven’t posted a single blog entry in all that time.  Sorry, sorry.  Hard to explain, but there’s been no time!  Or rather, we have been busy exploring and enjoying these wonderful islands and generally having a great time, and sending blogs has been rather low on the priority list.  So this is just to say that we weighed anchor this morning and set sail for Makemo atoll in the Tuomoto archipelago – a passage of about 500 miles so we’ll be at sea for around 4-5 days, maybe more because very light winds are forecast.
We’ll be sending some retrospective blogs in the next few days with photos.  There really is so much to say and see about the Marquesas that at this point I’m not sure how to start.
We are all very well and enjoying every minute.  No crises but a few boat issues that are now happily sorted out.