Half Way!

Tue 24 Mar 2015 12:05
07:36.9S 113:46.7W
1600 23 Mar 2015
Only 1,500 miles to go to Hiva Oa!  The crew celebrated in the LS tradition: one small beer (each) for lunch!  Not  much of a celebration but it was enough to send everyone to sleep for the afternoon.
As you can see, we are all in good shape and enjoying a more consistent ride these days.  We have had the spinnaker up all day for the past few days in light easterly winds.  Not exactly what one expects of Trade Winds but it’ll do.  Here we are under full sail, including a bit of extra canvas.
Not every day is breezy.  We’ve also had calms.  We used one of these occasions to take a look under the boat and found a mass of weed and barnacles growing there.  They must have taken root while we were in harbour in the Galapagos.  Mark did a bit of scraping in the worst parts.
Fishing is a disaster.  We can only tell you about the ones that got away and there aren’t many of those.  We’ve been using flying fish that land on deck in the night as bail but soon we’ll be eating them unless we catch a proper fish – anything!  We keep trying.
The chefs keep producing wonderful fare from our little galley.  Even after 14 days at sea fresh goodies appear on the table to delight our palettes.  Here’s a salad prepared by Lucy recently. Doesn’t that look good?
It’s all good and calm and long may that continue.  We are doing our prep about the Marquesas and the Tuomotus and are looking forward to arriving one day.  We disengage from the rally in the Marquesas and will be sad not to have their company.  We have our regular evening scheds every day and a bit of a chat on the radio and we now have a mini morning sched set up with a couple of boats that are particularly close to us.  It’s good to keep in touch.
That’s it for now.