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Date: 05 Feb 2015 22:15:56
Title: lobsters for diesel?

09:30.6N 078:37.0W
We were all enjoying a beautiful deserted anchorage in the Coco Banderos group of islands, snorkeling and beach combing. 
There were several Kuna fisherman in their dugouts and fishing boats bobbing about on the reef. 
We chatted amongst ourselves wondering whether we were going to be offered fish or lobsters for sale.  Sure enough a boat came along side with the bottom covered with lobsters.  There followed an exchange in sign language which none of us nor the fisherman could make head or tail of.  FINALLY all became clear!  The fisherman wanted to exchange 5 lobsters for 7 litres of diesel!  Everyone was happy with this idea!
m_DSC00489      m_DSC00491
Liz and Lucy cooked and picked the lobsters
Michael cooked up a MOST delicious and spicy lobster pasta.

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