Lilli Mae - Rides Again - Almost there....but not quite yet!

Lilli Mae
Mon 3 Jun 2024 13:02
Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all well?

Well we had our “land ahoy” moment a few moment ago. We can see Faial and Pico which are 2 of the islands in the archipelago of The Azores. Horta is on Faial. Current ETA is about 1900 UTC. 

Right now (Mon 3 June 1241 UTC) the sun is shining, the temperature is nice but we still don’t have enough wind. And so we are still running the engine. We have just measured the fuel we have left and we think we have just about enough to make it! In fact we have about 100 litres left in the main tank which is enough for 10 hours of motoring. Right now we have 43 nm to run.

As mentioned it is a lovely day. Running the engine in order to conserve fuel resulted in the opportunity to spend a few golden moments observing sperm whales close by. Magic!

Image 03-06-2024 at 12.50.jpeg

Took this picture of the night sky last evening. 


You may need to clean the dust off your screens to make out the stars in the night sky!

Anyway that is it for now. We will update you after we have arrived and sorted ourselves out.

All the best
The Crew aboard Lilli Mae.


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