On the way to Mo'Bay - OOW Clare, Cake and Last 40 miles to Mo'Bay

Lilli Mae
Sun 5 Mar 2023 05:45
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well?

Well Lilli Mae is on her last few miles to Mo’Bay. We reported in our last message that we had made the decision to sail direct to Mo’Bay and not stop at Port Antonio. At this very moment (0100 Boat Time, 0500 UTC) we are on a heading of 208 deg with 40 miles to run. The wind is between 10 and 13 knots; we are sailing close reach and the sea state (although bumpy) is considered “slight”. We are sailing nicely at between 3 and 4 knots which means we will arrive in daylight at about 1000 boat time (1400 UTC).

We have been at sea for well over 100 hours and we have covered 676 nm. We are all in good spirits and it has been a good trip but we are looking forward to getting in. Mike and Howard have been doing 4 hour watch shifts in the dark hours; broken sleep is not good for us "old guys” so we are looking forward to some rum punch and a bed that doesn’t move. Clare (our newly appointed Officer Of the Watch (OOW)) and Joan (OOW’s mate) have been helping with some of the dark hours watch keeping which has been great. 

Thanks Clare and Joan.

A couple of days ago and as planned we made cake. Although we have made cake aboard Lilli Mae in the past, this is the first time we have done it whilst underway. A few mistakes to learn from; the cake mix did spend sometime on the galley floor after a particularly big bump from the sea. But we scooped it up, baked it (in our recently fixed oven) and enjoyed it with a cup of tea. No complaints from the crew; yet :-)

Anyway, we will keep it brief in this update. Our current plan is to anchor in the outer bay of Montego Bay and then move inside once we have figured our customs and immigration. 
We will of course keep you posted. For the meantime the care wherever you are.

All the best from the crew aboard Lilli Mae, nearly in Mo’Bay!

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