Lilli Mae - On the way to Mo'Bay - Sunday 11th December

Lilli Mae
Sun 11 Dec 2022 17:19
Hi everyone, hope you are all well?

Well we made it! We crossed the line in Rodney Bay at 1307 UTC (0907 Local time) yesterday (Saturday 10th December). The Lilli Mae Team proudly sailed across the line at about 4 knots on a close reach with main, staysail and head sails all out. There was great feeling achievement for the Lilli Mae Team and it certainly was a good picture.  We are awaiting the official ARC finish line pictures and will share these we when get them.

Lots of the ARC fleet hooted and shouted as we entered the marina. Our Lilli Mae shore crew team Joan, Stuart and Donna (Emily’s parents) were there to meet us as we docked.

We (I) could have made a better job of parking; concentration was lost and  we “sailed" past the berth. Eventhough it wasn’t pretty there was no panic or stress!

Rum punch was on offer which we consumed like it was water!

We have already had our first Pina Colada at lunch and even though we were all a little fatigued we did consume quite a lot of cocktails in the evening.

All the frustrations of the "no wind days” are eased and our stories and memories of this part of the journey are already being shared with family members and ARC fleet friends.

Eventhough we have crossed the Atlantic, the journey for Lilli Mae is not yet complete and so the next phase of her travels to Mo’Bay begins. In the meantime we will relax and celebrate with a little more bias toward celebration. We were interviewed by a journalist today who wanted to know more about the story of Lilli Mae and our journey to Jamaica. We will share more about that when we start the next part of the journey.

We will send some more pictures over the next few days to keep you updated. In the meantime thanks for all of your support and comments. It has been great receiving your messages.

Take care,
Crew aboard Lilli Mae