Lilli Mae, On the way home - Leg 4 - The Big One - 20th December 2019 - Signing Off

Lilli Mae
Fri 20 Dec 2019 18:54
Hi Everyone,
Well this is it; the last blog of the leg.
Since arrival we have been busy sorting out Lilli Mae's issues and socialising; probably doing too much of the latter but both have been keeping us busy. We managed to get our official ARC finishing photos which we think are quite good. They were unbelievably expensive but I suppose worth it for a trip of a lifetime! We have attached a couple of them. We have been able to upload some video footage on parts of the trip onto our personal facebook pages so check these out!
Lilli Mae looking good into Rodney Bay
We made it!
Jubilant arrival
The "main man" Kenny helped us get everything fixed
Lilli Mae "nice and clean"
The Journey Home so far!
Here are some basic stats for Lilli Mae's Atlantic crossing -
Miles on the ship's log - 2,968 miles
Crossing start time 24 November 1403 UTC
Crossing finish time 15 December 2056 UTC
Crossing duration 21 days, 6 hours, 53 minutes
Average speed 5.8 knots
Engine hours on journey - 2.5 hours
We are delighted that despite some of the light winds at the begining you can see that we only used the engine to get to the start line and to motor into to Rodney Bay marina. We really did sail the Atlantic! 
Since leaving Southampton on the 6 July 2019, Lilli Mae's log has moved on by 4,877 miles
We have now fixed Lilli Mae's essential issues. The headsail has been repaired by the local sailmaker Kenny. He has helped us with a lot of stuff and has been really great. One of the mainsail batten holders broke but we have not be able to get a spare so Kenny is helping to fix the one we have. We will still have a few items which are not quite working but we have methods of getting around those. We washed and polished Lilli Mae's bright work and now we have a potential health and safety hazard (to eyes) caused by the gleam of the sun's reflection on the chrome.
We have met and chatted about the trip with quite a few others; needless to say there are many who are as excited about their journey as we are. Lots of stories being shared which as I am sure you will imagine can be quite dramatic when fuelled by rum punch, pina colada and other such delicious "inhibiting lubricants".
Leg 4 - "The Big One" chapter of Lilli Mae's journey home is now complete. Leg 5 - "Caribbean Cruise" heads north (200 miles) from Rodney Bay, St Lucia to Nevis and St Kitts and then on to the BVI which is another 120 miles north west. We are leaving on Sunday morning (22nd December) and stopping in Basseterre, Nevis for Christmas Eve and Day. We sail on Boxing day to the BVI. This trip gets us within striking distance Jamaica which sets us up for arrival into Montego Bay in March 2020. We will keep the tracker going and will keep up the blog all the way into Montego Bay and beyond.
So look out for our next update which will probably be on Tuesday 24th. If you have had enough of getting these then let me know.
So wherever you are I hope that you are all well. We will be in touch to wish everyone "Merry Christmas" closer to the time.
Thanks for being with us.
Only 1014 miles to Montego Bay!
The Crew on Lilli Mae