Lilli Mae - On the way to Mo'Bay - Thursday 24th November

Lilli Mae
Thu 24 Nov 2022 16:33
Hi Everyone, hope you are all well?

We are day 4 into our crossing and all is fine on the good ship Lilli Mae. We have sent a few updates over the past couple of days. However I assure these dispatches will slow down in frequency.

Right now (1548 UTC) we are heading SSW to get into some more wind. It is a light wind day and we are flying the chute. We are sailing at nearly 7 knots in light winds.

There are 143 boats of all shapes and sizes in the rally that are crossing the Atlantic together. We are currently no 85 based on the distance to St Lucia. We were 71 so we lost some places last night. Our strategy is to head south for the better winds close to Cape Verde and then use our twin head sail plan to our advantage when we turn west.

Lots of faster boats have turned west early. Our weather intelligence says they will hit the area of light winds and slow down. We were planning to head further west (previous target) but have decided to head more south. Anyway, that is our plan. Let us see how it pans out.

We had a busy day yesterday and today. The drone was out again and we got it back (again!). That was cause for celebration and so we had a tot of our Las Palmas Honey Rum that we have come to love.

Some of the Lilli Mae Team went to the gym today. Nice work out Andrew and Peter!

And then we had a visit from lots of dolphins. We caught pictures of them swimming around the bow.

But then we launched the drone to get some video pictures of them sailing around the boat. You can just about make out 5 of the dolphins swimming away from the bow in the picture below. And then of course we had to get the drone back!

We are considering flying the chute overnight tonight in the hope that we can catch-up some of the lost ground over last night. It will be an anxious night tonight if we do. Will let you know how we get on later.

In the meantime hope you are all well.
All the best from the Crew on Lilli Mae.

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