Leg 4 - The Big One - No wind but great food!

Lilli Mae
Thu 28 Nov 2019 07:59
Hi Everyone, all is well on the good ship Lilli Mae; apart from the fact that we have no windCrying face smile emoticon! We have been bobbing around very slowly and the winds have dropped to less the 2 mph in some cases. Right now we are still moving very slowly. Hopefully it will come soon. We are still trying to head south to below the 20N latitude which is much closer to the trade winds.
I hope you can see our trackers. Last night we came close to 2 boats in the pitch dark. Fortunately we can see then on our instruments and we can see their navigation lights. We past within 0.5 miles of a boat going as slow as we were at about 2100 hrs. I keep thinking how weird it is that in a ocean crossing of 2,700 miles our boats come so close together. I had to use the radio to check what he was planning to do and to ensure we did not hit each other.
As a result of it being so quiet and that there has not been much else to do we have been eating really well. I have attached a couple of pictures of things we have been making. I think I might have mentioned the stir fry. Well, eggs benedict and chicken fajitas have been on the menu and have gone down well. Beef, mash potatoes and vegetables was on the menu last night and that was a big hit with all crew members.
Eggs Benedict
Chicken Fajitas
We have had a few rums to console ourselves with the lack of wind. No breathalysers out here!
We have been having some trouble with our email communications. Not sure what is happening but it could be the email is getting blocked with large emails. If you are sending emails please keep them really small. If you reply to any messages that we send then make sure then you do not include our original message in the reply email. The system we have on board is like email "dial-up" (for those of you old enough to remember those days) and the system cannot handle large messages. Thanks.
It is now 0646 boat time (we move the hour back every 15 degrees west we sail) and the light is coming up. Still no wind but let keep our fingers crossed for today.
Crew on Lilli Mae