Leg 1 - We Made it!

Lilli Mae
Thu 11 Jul 2019 10:54
Hi everyone, letting you know that we made it to La Coruna! I have to say our arrival was a bit "nerve wrecking". About 20 miles out we hit think fog just when the moon went down and we had no light! So we had to guide the boat through all the fishing boats. We had to take collision avoidance action when a fishing boat came at us. But we made it. We arrived at 5 AM and then got told at 0515 that we had to move. We finally got to bed at about 0600. I went to bed; Mike has been busy tidying up! Anyway attached is a picture of Lilli Mae in La Coruna. Looking good!
Lilli Mae enjoying the sun in La Coruna, Spain
Anyway, need to sign off now. Talk later.
Howard and Michael
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