Lilli Mae, On the way home - Leg 4 - The Big One - COMPLETE - 15 December 2019 1905 GMT

Lilli Mae
Mon 16 Dec 2019 21:17
Hi Everyone,
We made it! We crossed the finishing line at 1505 local time (1905 GMT). Needless to say we were delighted to have made it and quite honestly all 3 of us were bursting with pride when we crossed the finishing line. We will be buzzin' about this for a while!
Passing Pigeon Island on way to finish line
Landed.....Rum Punch!
But before we finished we had our "LAND AHOY" moment. We had not talked about it but as soon as we started looking for the binoculars everyone knew this would be a moment. Pete gifted to moment the Linton boys and Mike was to shy to bellow even though we were only 3. So I bellowed it out at the top of my voice. That was a moment! We had about 14 miles to run which was a bit tricky. We had been sailing downwind for 2900 miles and the last bit was on the beam and close reach.
We crossed the line in style! The photographer came out to meet us crossing the line and so we have a lot of really great action pictures of us crossing the finishing which we will share once we get them.
There is not much time to celebrate before we had to prepare the boat for landing. We had sat together and constructed an action list of things that needed to be done on approach (to the finish line), things to be done after crossing and before docking and then those tasks needed after we landed. We read through and crossed off items as they were competed. Although there was a lot to do we parked the boat with relatively little stress.
See you will see us enjoying the celebration rum punch as we stepped off the boat; 3 weeks at sea and the rum punch was great. We left Lilli Mae in a bit of a mess to get something to eat. The wind in the bay was not easy and packing the sails was a bit troublesome particularly as some ropes had got tangled up.
We were really tired last night and falling asleep at dinner. Despite our attempts to eat and sleep well the adrenalin drained away when we landed; last nights sleep was fantastic although some of us woke at the times we should have been on watch or when weather report check-in was meant to be done.
So we are now working to fix those "cuts and bruises" Lilli Mae picked up along the way; the headsail is already off the boat and in for repair, the rubbish has been taken away and whilst are relaxing we do have a lot of work to prepare for the trip to St Kitts and British Virgin Islands.
We will send one more update for Leg 4 - The Big One and include some of the pictures for the arrival; we have some great pictures. Leg 5 of Lilli Mae's journey home begins December 22. We haven't really thought of a good name for the trip (Leg 5 of Lilli Mae's - On the way home) but we will have a few punches and pina coladas and we are sure something will come to mindSmile emoticon. In the meantime we will meet up with some boats we have come to know along the way and continue to wallow in the pride in our work over the last 3 weeks.
In the meantime take care wherever you are and we will be in contact.
Crew aboard Lilli Mae.