Lilli Mae - Rides Again -

Lilli Mae
Tue 18 Jun 2024 11:13
Hi everyone. Hope you are all well?

We had a busy night last night/this morning. All crew hands on deck as we discovered we could not furl the mainsail in or out. Not even our trusty manual solution worked. We had were expecting strong winds and the sail was (fortunately) stuck fully out. And so at daybreak this morning we lowered the sail on to the coach roof.


We are still sailing with the two heads sails and sailing between 8 and 9 knots 👍🏾. 
We had lost our lead on the fleet a couple of days ago and it is now unlikely we will get it back. We are 4 days into our passage and we have just under 200 miles to run. We have not checked recently but we think we are running 5th in the fleet. Otherwise things are all OK on Lilli Mae.

Friend and former Lilli Mae crew mate Peter Wilson (inset picture below from Lilli Mae Atlantic crossing in 2019) sets off on another amazing adventure at 1100 UTC today (18th June). 


Peter and Andre de Freitas plan to fly a helicopter around the world through antipodes stopping in 35 countries and covering 31,000 nm in 100 days. They are currently at the Jaguaruna regional airport in Brazil and heading to São Paulo this morning. Hoping to WhatsApp call a little later when they are in the air. Just in case you are interested in that adventure Peter and Andre’s tracker is Their Facebook page for blog updates is Good luck Peter and Andre 👍🏾

Anyway, that’s our update for today. We will report back again when we are across the line unless any other major issues befall us🤞🏾.

Talk to you in a few days.
All the best, crew aboard the good ship Lilli Mae.


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