Lilli Mae - Rides Again - En Route to Bermuda

Lilli Mae
Wed 15 May 2024 15:51
Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well. Thanks for all the messages. It is great to hear from you.

A quick update. Right now (1100 EST) we are sailing SSE toward Cape Hatteras. We have all our sails out (stay sail included) and we are speeding along at between 8-9 knots in a westerly (offshore) breeze of around 10-11 knots. We lifted anchor at 0400 EST this morning. It was a bit rough getting out of the bay! It is much smoother now. Lots of US warships (aircraft carrier, frigates and submarines) sailing into Norfolk as we were sailing out. 

We made it to Norfolk, Virginia on Monday evening at about 7 PM EST. We made good speed on the way from NYC but we did have some help from the “iron sail”. We spent yesterday (Tuesday) at anchor near a small town called Lynnhaven waiting for the right wind, fixing things and restocking foodstuff. Mike and Rick fixed the washing machine (and a few other things) which meant we were able to get some clothes cleaned. Joan and Howard went ashore to the supermarket.

Weather Cape Hatteras.jpg

A depression passed over us during the night and brought 30-35 knot winds. We had seen this coming and we were keen to avoid the southerly winds at the leading edge as we were heading south which is the reason for us “hiding” at anchor in Lynnhaven. We had anticipated the wind starting to change at about 0300 EST this morning and so we were up at 0315 to check outside and to review the latest forecast.

Our thinking is to catch the back end of the depression as it moves east. Sailing south means we get the offshore winds on the beam and as we get further south the continues from the west as we start heading west to Bermuda.

Gulf stream crossing.jpg

One other factor we have to consider. The fastest part of the Gulf Stream is at its narrowest just south of Hatteras. We are trying to cross the stream before the trailing edge of the weather system gives northerly winds. This would result in an uncomfortable ride.

We don’t think we need any further stops in the US so now we are en-route to Bermuda. We are hoping to get to Bermuda by Saturday (18th). We’ll give another update in a couple of days.

Take care everyone.
All the best from the crew aboard Lilli Mae


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